Harit Srikhao - 2nd Prize Gomma Grant 2016
Irina Zadorozhnaia - Shortlisted GPG 2016
Qian Zhao - Shortlisted GPG 2016
David Molina - Shortlisted GPG 2016
Alessandro Falco - Shortlisted Gomma Grant 2014
Ben Brody - Shortlisted Gomma Grant 2014
Ksenia Yurkova - Winner Gomma Grant 2014
Julien Lombardi - Gomma Grant 2015
Vasantha Yoganantha - Gomma Grant 2015
Ben Brody - Shortlisted Gomma Grant 2014

Gomma Grant 2017 Jury:

Caroline Hunter - The Guardian.
Picture Editor of The Guardian Weekend magazine.

Diane Smyth - British Journal of Photography.
Digital Editor of The British Journal of Photography.

Enrico Stefanelli - PhotoLux Festival.
Founder and Art Director of PhotoLux Festival.

Joao Linneu - Curator VOID.
Founder and Curator of VOID.

Luca Desienna - Gomma.
Mentor and Founder of Gomma.

Peggy Sue Amison - EastWing.
Artistic Director at East Wing Gallery.

Stephane Charpentier - TempsZero.
Curator of Temps Zero. Editor and film maker based in Athens.

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