Alvaro Deprit


Honorable Mention

Fiesta by Alvaro Deprit.

Honorable Mention Gomma Grant 2017.

"Our tales are spun, but for the most parts we don't spin our stories; they spin us. Our human consciousness and our narrative selfhood is their product, not their source". Daniel Dennett (1991)

Ghana, Nigeria, Senegal, Togo, Uganda etc. A journey ended into non-locations, spaces of iron, of motors, of immigrants who find themselves selling trinkets in the car parks of the italian shopping centre, outside the supermarkets. More then 360.000 migrants crossed into Europe in 2016.

Humans have changed the landscape around them on the base of their needs, continuously.
We are living in a continuous manipulation of biological evolutionary processes, with resulting deviation from it. Socio-ethnic, architectonic, and cultural space as the mirror of an era.

What are the effects of these voyages on the fabric of the identities? What form does their story take? Cut and separation, but also assembly and construction are at the origin of different form of identity. Identity is, therefore, the fusion of opposite processes.

Cars are dismantled in order to be reassembled in a new form in a new life at

the margins of the world, symbol of our fury of overcoming and smashing the past into pieces. Organic and inorganic matter, made of rift and transformation, as the life seems to be made of. Entwined, entangles materials composed by microcosm of subatomic particles formed in uncertainty, of undertones similar to mixed quantum states, which hold infinite potentials."

Fiesta. Italy.
Alvaro Deprit.

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