Mihai Barabancea

Overriding Sequences

Gomma Prix Award

Overriding Sequences by Mihai Barabancea.

Gomma Prix Award 2017.

The Gomma Prix Award is the new award delivered by the Gomma Editorial staff. It is given to a photographer that was not necessarily shortlisted. The decision is made only by the Gomma Team and the aim is to award a fresh 'uncooked' photographer that has shown bravery and a distinct approach to photography.

Mihai Barabancea's photography is raw, vivid and irreverent in his own way. At times where photographers are so focused on achieving the most number of pixels is refreshing to view and enjoy Barabancea's candid analogue shots.

"I have been in many dead end situations .... and the only way to get out of that life was to either die or to replace my addictions with new ones.
So...I started photographing the real city life.

I named my project Overriding Sequence based on the following narrative:

There is a critical moment in some science-fiction movies when the "evil-doctor-professor" starts the self-destruction mechanism and the mothership is in danger of being blasted through the vast loneliness of space.

But don't worry, the so-called 'positive character' prevents it just seconds before it can happen - he manages to override the self-destruction sequence and also kisses the beautiful girl."

"My interest is not social groups but the individuation of the person belonging to a social group, and therefore creating personal relationships with these subjects through the camera rather than portraying the social category to which they belong to.

Therefore, this project proceeds as a series of case studies after an initial stage of research. So far marginalised communities have been mostly explored in the context of poverty and marginalisation of the Eastern European countries, either through realistic works of documentary photography which portrays these communities in a tragic fashion or through romanticised approaches that show them as exotic.

My aim is neither of these, as I want to get into the subjective perspective of these subjects and extract how they see themselves or how they wish to be seen, rather than taking an outsider's perspective.

It's not about exoticism of the characters but about means of overriding your sequence... and the way you look at them".

Overriding Sequence. Eastern Europe.
Mihai Barabancea.

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