Theo Elias

Smoke & Morkret

Third Prize Winner

Smoke / Morkret by Theo Elias.

Third Prize Winner Gomma Grant 2017.

"Smoke is a personal documentary project about Iceland, and my personal relationship with this country.
This series was born out of an obsession: an obsession with a place, its people and its surroundings. An obsession with Iceland.

After my first travel, I kept coming back, time after time, over the years. I obsessively saved up for my trips to Iceland. I kept meeting people-many of them in flux, like me-who were only passing through Reykjavik. At some point I realized that another version of me had taken form: I had created a new identity, a new fixed point in my life. What was once an exhausting challenge became familiar and friendly."


"Morkret is a story that started out as a diary project. I was frustrated with my life, with the winter and with my home town, Stockholm.
This was during a period when a lot of big changes happened in my life. And as so many times before, taking photographs made me come through it.

Every time I pressed the shutter and every time I finished a roll of film, I got further and further away from the frustration. Further away from the winter. And in the end further away from Stockholm.

When I now look at the pictures, I realize that this project was a goodbye to my hometown and to my family and friends. The pictures have been taken between 2014 and 2016, mostly in Stockholm."

Smoke/ Morkret. Iceland and Sweden.
Theo Elias.

Theo Elias wepbage

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