Caleb Stein

Down by the Hudson

Best Black & White Documentary work

Down by the Hudson by Caleb Stein.

Best B&W Documentary Work Gomma Grant 2018.

"'Down by the Hudson' is a record of my life in Poughkeepsie, a small city of around 32,000 people in upstate NY. Poughkeepsie is a vibrant place with character and life, but it's also seen some hard times.

Many of the mom-and-pop stores that lined Main Street have closed down, replaced by corporations on Route 9. IBM used to have its headquarters in Poughkeepsie, but a series of layoffs left many of its offices empty, almost like a modern-day ghost town. In many ways, Poughkeepsie's story is the same story as countless other small cities struggling to get by in a rapidly shifting economic reality.

In the past couple of years I've walked the same strip of Main Street hundreds of times. I'm not from a small town, and, at first, I thought Poughkeepsie was like a Norman Rockwell illustration, with its vintage diners and autumnal majesty. Then I started walking downtown and befriending people.

I heard their stories and saw patterns of violence, poverty, drug addiction, and prostitution. Things were looking pretty bleak until this summer when I began photographing in a hidden Edenic watering hole behind a drive-in theater where people go to cool off and let their guard down.

Here was a place where people from all walks of life came together and shared a space. A true paradise on earth. "

Down by the Hudson.
Caleb Stein.

Caleb Stein website

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