Fatima Abreu Ferreira

How to disappear completely

Third Prize Winner

How to disappear completely by Fatima Abreu Ferreira.

Third Prize Winner Gomma Grant 2018.

"How to disappear completely is a work of struggle, obsession and complete hallucination. When I turned 33y I decided to abandon the life I had and returned to my childhood hometown to study photography.

Six months after I realized that I knew who I had stopped being but had no idea who I´d become. Only the camera could proof to me that I existed. That I was not a hallucination.

Through it, I´ve photographed every aspect of my life through these two past years: from my family and friends to the memories lost in old family photographs, hoping that the people and the surroundings where I grew could help me find myself. But, in true honesty, I have no idea of what I am doing.

Everything seems nightmarish, a dream within a dream. My family changed, my friends grew into new families, my hometown morphed into a senseless touristic destination.

I feel displaced. A strange body on a foreign dimension, trying to find myself and the person I used to be. "

How to disappear completely
Fatima Abreu Ferreira.

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