Jens Schwarz


Best Color Picture

From the series Themmuns by Jens Schwarz

Gomma Grant 2018 Best Color Picture

"Themmuns" A photo project on Youth in Northern Ireland.

Themmuns is a photo project on Youth in Northern Ireland. The title refers to a slang word for "them ones", the opposing side in Northern Ireland debates among Catholic Irish Republicans and Protestant Loyalists. Fellow members of ones own side are known as "ussuns".

With UK's 2016 Brexit referendum Nothern Ireland will have to leave the EU. Local Protestant Loyalists predominantly supported Brexit whereas the other fraction of mainly Catholic Irish Republican citi- zens voted to remain.

After more than 30 years of conflict during the so called "Troubles" one of the fundamentals of the Peace Process declared in the 1998 Good Friday Agreement is the open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland wich will, in a post Brexit scenario, become an external border of the European Union.

Now there is serious concern that the Peace Process in Northern Ireland could be undermined. Especially the future prospects of the young generation could be negativley affected if old confession- al and ethnopolitical lines of cleavage were opened up again.

In my project I was interested in documenting daily life situations with youth from both sides and find out more about their concerns, surroundings and way of life. These observations may often have revealed more similarities than differences in a world of sectarian strife and political conflict mainly maintained by the older generation and recently blazed up again through Brexit.

The work is about an empathic and sensitive view on whatever I felt could contribute to a comprehen- sive documentary of a social condition and a young generation's quest for identity."

Jens Schwarz.

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