Karl Mancini

Amores Perros

Best Color Documentary Work

Amores Perros by Karl Mancini.

Best Color Documentary Work Gomma Grant 2018.

"In Buenos Aires the dirty waters of Riachuelo delimit borders and people who have their houses in its proximity live in alarming conditions. On one side it is Capital Federal on the other it is Avellaneda, here Buenos aires there the Province.

One of the suburbs on the river is called Isla Maciel founded by Italian immigrants and port workers. People who live in neighborhood like this are often labeled as criminals, discriminated, relieved of any opportunity to improve their status, to have access to structures that can help them or achieve a different job and future for themselves and their families. Amores Perros is the story of some adolescents.

Their stories are the stories of many Argentinean boys and girls who grow up on the streets. Wrath, pain, impotence, misery not only economic are their daily lives. Everyone has inherited this situation by many factors: a family that doesn't exist, violent, addicted or alcoholic parents, an absent government that ignores suburbs, a police often corrupt and accomplice who often comes to terms with the narcos.

They have no life's expectations. Being together is the only way to support each other, spending their days walking without rest looking for food, relieving anger in their raps, loving carnally and, at the same time, fighting like dogs.

Abandoned people who organize themselves to not die. Some guys struggle to keep themselves from dying, others let themselves go with no chances to come back. Amores Perros is part of a long-term project about life in the suburbs of Latinamerica through the stories of young generation. "

Amores Perros.
Karl Mancini.

Karl Mancini website

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