Tommy Nease


Best Black & White Picture

From the series Microcosm by Tommy Nease

Gomma Grant 2018 Best Black & White Picture

"Microcosm" is an ongoing photographic effort to map the subconscious landscape and to connect the individuation process of the human psyche with the natural world. The images will be compiled into a book to allow a linear illustration of psychological entropy and the eventual return to a primordial state.

The collection consists of landscapes, abstract forms, and anthropomorphic subjects. Although the subject matter fluctuates throughout the collection, the scenes are united by their intangible attributes.

With the visible spectrum as my medium, I am wishing to create a world within the no man's land between the spiritual extremities of light and dark. My inspiration stems from my interest in the collective unconscious, archetypal symbolism, and the natural world. The images that I create contain representations and forms that call on experiences hidden within our psyche.

This brings forth a familiarity, while the subject matter provokes us to our most primitive instincts. I aim to create images that challenge the viewer to look deeper than the images themselves, and question how the images react with an examination of the inner self.

In much of my work there is a sense of impending doom. Figures are often shadowed, negative space becomes the dominant form, and the viewer may find themselves in a sinister landscape. I use these feelings to draw the viewer in and let them interpret the deeper meaning for themselves.

I do not usually try to provide a conclusion to my images; however, by avoiding definite conclusions, I am attempting to facilitate a more personal encounter for the viewer. I hope for the experience to be that of a faint nostalgic memory, perhaps one from a past life.

My process is traditional and also very personal. Many things are left to chance by using analog methods, and I have learned to manage these probabilities in order to achieve a sincere and ethereal landscape within my images. "

Tommy Nease.

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