Vladimir Vasilev

Nocte Intempesta

Second Prize Winner

Nocte Intempesta by Vladimir Vasilev.

Second Prize Winner Gomma Grant 2018.

"Grandcamp-Maisy, small city of Normandy in France, inhabited by the ghostly figures of the landing beaches and many shipwrecks, takes the form of a story where only the night brings out what should remain in the shadows.

Nocte intempesta, at an hour of the alien night, the characters, such as fishermen, artisans, nobles and veterans deliver a world causing anxiety and fear.

All the objects are there to reveal what comes out of the scary, which seems almost ghostly: collections of unusual objects, inanimate animals, shadows and auras where the image of the double comes to invade the whole scene.

Nocte intempesta, where the tragic stories of these lands still haunt its inhabitants. "

Nocte Intempesta
Vladimir Visalev.

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