Lucia Sekerková

Vrăjitoare - witches, fortune tellers, healers.

Gomma Grant Best Rising Talent

Vrăjitoare - witches, fortune tellers, healers. by Lucia Sekerková

Gomma Grant 2019 Best Rising Talent.

"Many Romanian Roma women identify themselves with such descriptions. Me and an ethnologist, Ivana Šusterová, have decided to make a fusion between photographic work and an ethnological study. For over four years, we have been researching the world of Romanian Roma women who professionally practice fortune telling and witchcraft. I try to record the consequences of modernisation, which has inherently transformed this profession, which in itself balances on the thin divide between mysticism and showmanship for the client who themselves seek them out on the basis of advertisement in the media or on social networks. "

Vrăjitoare - witches, fortune tellers, healers.
Lucia Sekerková.

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