Gael Bonnefon - Honorable Mention GPG2016
Caimi & Piccini - Best B&W Documentary GPG2016
Lily Zoumpouli - Shortlisted GPG2016
Panos Kefalos - Best B&W Picture
Alfonso Moral - GPG 2015
Martin Bollati - Shortlisted Gomma Grant 2014
Hajime Kimura - GPG 2014
Vasantha Yogananthan - Shortlisted GPG 2015
Alessandro Falco - Shortlisted GPG 2014
Massimo Branca - Second Place Winner GPG 2015

2019 Gomma Grant guidelines:

An international photography grant competition runs by Gomma.

The Gomma Photography Grant is a grant contest tailored to fund and support photographers, both emerging and established, working among various genre.

Please note that due to the high volume of requests, it is not possible for Gomma's editors to review unsolicitated material outside of the Gomma Grant competition.

Schedule and Deadline

Submissions accepted from May 15th to November 4th, 2019
First Deadline: Friday 14 June 2019, Midnight (Hawaii, UTC-10:00).
Second Deadline: Saturday 31 August 2019, Midnight (Hawaii, UTC-10:00).
Final Deadline: November 4th, 2019, Midnight (Hawaii, UTC-10:00).

Guidelines info

Please submit up to 50 images
From an ongoing or complete project.
Any medium: black & white or color, analogue or digital. Polaroid/instagram etc...
Any genre: Portraiture/Documentary/Fine Art/Black & White/Photojournalism/Conceptual/Landscape...

Submission guidelines

6 to 50 images at 72 dpi (JPGs - sRGB/RGB)
1300 pixels on the longest size.
A short statement.
A short biography.

The winners will be announced on 20th February 2020.

Brief FAQ

Are multiple entries allowed? Yes, as long as they are from different works.

What type of work? Any genre. Portraiture/Documentary/Fine Art etc...

Can I submit fewer that 6 images? That wouldn't be possible. Minimum images requirement is 6.

I started this 'ongoing' project long time ago, can I still submit it? Yes, it does not matter when you started this work.

I am based in a non-Euro currency country, how will I get paid if I win this grant? The 1000 euros will be transferred into your bank account or Paypal account at the exchange rate on the day of transaction.

Do you award only one grant? At the moment we are giving a First, a Second and a Third place grant - respectively receiving 1000, 300 and 200 Euros. In addition we added an Honorable Mention, and six extra categories: Best Color Documentary, Best Black & White Documentary, Best Color Picture, Best B&W Picture, Best Daily Life Story and Best Rising Talent, each receiving the printed Gomma Certificate.

You added new prize categories, how do we submit into these categories? You can choose your Gomma Grant category during submission, on this page:

Full submission page here

For further info and to submit please log on to:

For Copyrights and Rights Usage information:

Entry Fees

First Deadline: Friday 14 June 2019: €10.00
Second Deadline: Saturday 31 August 2019: € 15.00
Final deadline: Monday 4th November 2019: € 25.00

Multiple entries are permitted but must be from different bodies of work.

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