First Prize Winner

Marco Marzocchi

Second Prize Winner

Vladimir Vasilev

Third Prize Winner

Theo Elias
Smoke/ Morkret

Honorable Mentions

Terje Abusdal
Slash and Burn

Alvaro Deprit

Gomma Prix Award

Mihai Barabancea
Overriding Sequences

The new Gomma Grant prize awarded exclusively by the Gomma Editorial staff.

Gomma Grant Categories Winners

Best Color Documentary work

Korean Dream
Filippo Venturi

Best Black & White Documentary work

The White's Man Hole
Antoine Bruin

Best Daily Life Story

Kirill Golovchenko
Bitter Honeydew

Best Color Picture

Werner Christian
Rubble and Delusion

Best Black & White Picture

Stavros Stamatiou
A raven's dream

Rising Talent Prize

Anna Miroshnichenko
Ana loves you

Simone Sapienza
Charlie surfs on Lotus Flowers


The shortlisted photographers for the 2017 Gomma Grant are:

Alnis Stakle, Alvaro Deprit, Andrea Roversi, Andrea and Magda, Anna Miroshnichenko, Annalisa Natali Murri, Antoine Bruy, Arno Brignon, Benedicte Vanderreydt, Cedric Friggeri, Christian Werner, Collettivo Spontanea, Dagmar van Weeghel, David Denil, Dominic Turner, Dylan Hausthor & Paul Guilmoth, Evelyn Bencicova, Filippo Venturi, Frederique Felix-faure, Ghazal Mafakheri, Hiro Tanaka, Joan Alvado, Karl Mancini, Kirill Golovchenko, Lukas Vasilikos, Magnus Cederlund, Marco Marzocchi, Marica Kolcheva, Marilisa Cosello, Matjaz Krivic, Nicky Hamilton, Patrick Wack, Raffaele Petralla, Rob Stephenson, Sarah Blesener, Simon Johansson, Simone Sapienza, Stavros Stamatiou, Terje Abusdal, Theo Elias, Vladimir Vasilev and Zsofi Bohm.

We would like to thank every photographer that has submitted
and supported this edition of the Gomma Grant.

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